Submitting articles to US law journals – Part 1

In many countries legal academics face complex questions about where they should publish their scholarship.  The choice between peer and non-peer reviewed journals, book chapters, monographs, web-based publications and so on all present different challenges, obstacles, benefits and opportunities.  One of the goals of this blog is to consider those issues.

In this post, the first in a series looking at US law journals, the simple question “how to publish” in a US law journal will be introduced.  That question is the first presented as the window for submissions is fast approaching, and so it is best to present the “how” information for those that have already decided to submit their scholarship to a US journal.

Very simply – the “how” is well presented here by the law library of the University of Washington (the subject of law library services, roles and mission will also eventually be discussed in this blog). The additional links at that page will prove highly useful to anyone considering the US law journal publication route.  Given the likelihood of successful submission peaks for February to March submissions, it is as well that anyone looking to publish in a US law journal in 2014-15 look now at that page.

This post should not be read as an encouragement to publish in a US law journal.  That more difficult question will be introduced in a later post.  Suffice to say there are many “cons” and a few “pros” on that issue for legal academics outside the United States (it is clearly a different calculation for American-based legal academics).  Until then . . . .

By Colin Picker


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