International students need to make local friends

Interesting piece at The Conversation on the importance of international students making local friends. It also strikes me that Australian students have much to gain from interacting with international students, on top of all the usual benefits of friendship. For example, they may generate international professional networks and learn about another culture. The practical question is how to get these two groups together. Many law school social events are exclusive in some way (for example we have social events for international students and separate events for eg indigenous students or Scientia scholars, both being by definition local). Perhaps what we need is a social event deliberately structured to get different types of students together. They had this when I studied at Columbia with eg JD/LLM mixers (the former being generally local, the latter generally international). Mind you, they also had more funding for social events generally. But perhaps something similar could be done here? Does anyone know of such events (eg in a different faculty or university)?

Lyria Bennett Moses


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