Student class prep – two classic film clips

On Monday classes start again (if you are reading this outside Australia – yes, we go into our second semester now – after the short winter break). But will students be prepared?  And if not – what do we do about it?  What should we do about it? As we prepare for those first classes, perhaps it might be entertaining to watch how that first day played out for two different students that were not prepared for class in two different classic law school films – one from 1973 and one from 2001.  The first is a classic scene from The Paper Chase ((I believe Hart was hiding behind a failure to prep for class).  The other, so very similar but many decades later, from Legally Blond (I too at law school had not known we were to read for the first class – I erroneously also assumed it would just be fluff). Clearly these films represent a different legal educational culture, one perhaps a good deal harsher, and one found within a postgrad professional degree, but still, perhaps . . . By Colin Picker PS.  Re the final line in the legally blond case (“no diversity jurisdiction”), one of my first cases when a judicial clerk at the US Court of Appeals was resolved by the determination that diversity jurisdiction did not exist – which no one in five years of litigation had noted (I too missed it)!  They also must have been thrown out of class.


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