This is the blog of a group of UNSW Law scholars and invited guests who have a special interest in legal education, at our law school, in Sydney, at other Australian law schools, and overseas.

Our objectives are to share what we see as the particular challenges for contemporary law schools and legal education and to look at how law schools, locally and internationally, are meetings these challenges.  In so doing, we will reflect upon and help develop practices in the teaching of law, the development of legal scholarship generally, the administration of law schools, and provide and discuss the latest in legal education research.

The name of this blog is a play on a classic phrase from one of the best Australian (law) films, The Castle (see here).

This is a conversational blog! As such we welcome comments. We’re also open to contributions from other academics, educators and legal professionals. Please use the contact form below.

To keep updated, please subscribe to our feed. We are also on Twitter – @lawschoolvibe which is another way to keep updated and share your thoughts.

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