What is the SRA getting the UK into?

By Alex Steel

John Flood’s post below highlights the radical nature of the SRA’s proposal.  To be fair to LETR it was primarily a research paper rather than an options paper, and there’s a lot in there that’s of interest to Australian academics – including an overview of the current state of UK education and practice, and useful literature reviews.  A couple of cautionary notes from LETR are apposite to the proposals to move to competency based outcomes: Continue reading “What is the SRA getting the UK into?”

The Future of the Legal Profession

Image(image: april-mo via Compfight.com)

The Lawyer has produced something pretty impressive – a crystal ball for the legal professions, called 2018: A window into the future. It’s a collection of anecdotal and statistical information that sketches out what the legal industry will look like in five years’ time. While UK-based, in a global world this resource is worth a look, especially for those teachers whose subjects are more distinctly professional or skills-based and/or allow for critical analysis of what lawyers do, and will likely do in the future. Continue reading “The Future of the Legal Profession”

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